Multi-bid support? (not multisnipe)

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Avatar RDKamikaze 6 post(s)

Howdy! I was wondering if there was a way (or if there could be in the future) to bid on multiple items through jbidwatcher.

Example: Bid on (not snipe) 10 different items for $20 a piece instead of sniping them.

Right now, to bid on multiple items I have to click on each auction and enter a bid manually. What would be great is if there was an option when you select a list of auctions to multi-bid as well as the existing option for multisnipe. This would make bidding much easier and would be the first program I’ve ever found to have a “bulk/batch bidding system.”

Thanks for the awesome program and keep up the great work!

Avatar kasu64 13 post(s)


If I well understand,
I (you) need JBW only for Snipes !

If I (you) need only Bids,
I (you) have to put Bids directly on eBay (without JBW)…

Avatar RDKamikaze 6 post(s)

Thanks for the reply! I apologize for not clarifying in the first post.

I can be bidding on hundreds of items a day. Imagine going into ebay and doing that manually. Yikes! Jbidwatcher helps make this process a bit quicker, but I would still consider it beneficial to add some simple bulk bidding support for those of us who are normal bidders and not snipers.

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

I have not BID on multiple items from JBW because, if it works, I will be placing bids on items that I wish to snipe on…..

But, I CAN select a bunch of listings and issue the command BID, instead of SNIPE…..

Do you mean, that if you select multiple items in JBW, and use the command BID and you will not be bidding on the multiple items?