Solution to Crashing

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Avatar Todd Hendrix 9 post(s)

I run it on a powerful 64 bit Wintel server. As far as the Buggy Java code goes, I found that version 6.21 of Java at first glance seems to eliminate the Java crashes (ditch Java version 7 if you feel your machine is secure enough).

Unfortunately the author is not good with MSFT list views and has some recursion issues that really need to be focused on. I am currently trying the mySql database configuration instead of the builtin db crap and appear to be getting some better results but it brings up additional bugs.

Good luck!

Avatar Todd Hendrix 9 post(s)

On further examination….

I deleted all my jbidwatcher data, upgraded to Java 8, switched back to derby and its working smoothly for 24 hours now.