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I am having a problem with this latest version for mac (OS X 10.6.8, 2.5.5-0-g9fecd73) that I did not have in previous versions. What happens is that I will have auctions in the ‘Current’ list and they will get moved on their own to the ‘Complete’ list though the auction has not completed.

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That just happened to me as well, same Mac OS and jB as accripon.
However, it only seems to happen when I entered a bid (not snipe) via jbidwatcher.

Anyway,that’s what I did.
The auction is now in the “complete” listing even even though the auction still has 4 hours to run.

So for me this not a problem, just an annoyance.

Avatar krs 11 post(s)

PS: Another interesting quirk.
Needed to reset my password.
So I followed instructions – worked OK to get back into jBidwatcher to post but it treats me as a new user with o posts rather than just allow me to reset the password.
Also not a big issue but it seems that there is a problem with the jBidwatcher software logic.

Avatar krs 11 post(s)

Turns out this is a problem after all.
Someone just outbid me on the item with two hours to go.

I wanted to set up a snipe fr this item but because the item is already in the “completed” list I can’t do that.
I also noticed another item in my “completed” list where the auction end time is March 30th.
Same problem – can’t snipe on that one either.

Any suggestions on a workaround?

I have other items in my “current” list that end in 1 day, 2days, 5 days and 6 days – so I now have no idea what causes an item to move to the “completed” list before it’s time. These are all US based auctions.