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So as of 2.5.5 the Multi-snipe feature does not work and comes up with an error when you attempt to use it. As this is the only reason I use JBidwatcher, I am very interested in this function. Is there any timeline as to when this feature might be reimplemented?


Avatar CW 3 post(s)

I’ve been working around it by running 2.5.3pre3 in parallel with 2.5.5.

Just add your items in 2.5.5 (2.5.3 doesn’t load data off eBay properly), shut it down, open 2.5.3 and build the multi-snipe group. Now shut down 2.5.3 and start 2.5.5 again, multi-snipe works.

I’m not sure why it’s disabled in 2.5.5, there must be a good reason, but I’ve yet to run into any problem doing the above so far.

Avatar asdfasdfion 1 post

It doesn’t seem to work very well with auctions ending very close to one another (<2 minutes). I just found myself the proud owner of three gift cards where I had only wanted one. Ah well.