Problems with 2.5.5-0

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Avatar foldedoptics 2 post(s)

The latest version of JBidwatcher has had numerous problems for me. (1) I now see three recovered tabs, (2) One of these tabs has multi-screen entries, which apparently cannot be deleted, (3) I cannot add any new auctions and when I try am moved to one of the “recovered” tabs but the new entry is not shown.

I tried downloading the software, and re-installing, I even did a system restore. However, all the issues mentioned above continue to persist. It could be my data for JBidwatcher has been corrupted, but as I have not had this problem with the earlier versions, this version seems to have serious issues.

Any suggestions on how to “work around” these problems would be appreciated.

Avatar foldedoptics 2 post(s)

The number of recover tabs has now expanded to five, but I am once again able to enter auction numbers and place bids. However, there are apparently many problems with this release, so I hope that one or more users has a work around, or the developer will be kind enough to come out with a quick release fixing the problems. Unfortunately, I have not heard either. As i can now again enter eBay IDs and bid, there is no reason to leave JBidwatcher, but the continuing growth of “recovered” columns is worrisome.

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

Are you on Windows? 7? 8? linux? Please tell us what OS and configuration etc. that’s pertinent so we all can share the experiences.

I have OS X 10.9.1 running on MBP core i7 and I don’t have duplicated tabs, I have postings of mostly improvements from prior version such as all my thumbnails are there, and all listings are working, and I am just going to test sniping.

Recovered tab was never there when I first installed JBW, only on 2nd restart of the program. But I do not have duplicate tabs.

I did start from a complete new install, no prior data files.

Maybe you can try a clean fresh install, and fetch a fresh token from eBay, and load from My eBay and load your selling items fresh, and let us know what happens….

Avatar Purity 10 post(s)

I also seem to be getting duplicate entries in my SQL database :-(

Avatar robc 2 post(s)

I’m also getting duplicate entries. I just lost my current list for the 3rd time. all entries went to “nul” then disappeared. The program is slow now when I click on the complete tab; I get the price in the lower right corner rapidly flashing when I select a completed auction.
It’s a nightmare.
There is so many problems with this release that I cannot rely on it anymore and I have used it reliably since 2008.
How do I get a copy of 2.5.4?

Avatar macglenn 1 post

I’m on MacOSX 10.8.5 and my current list keeps changing on it’s own accord, moving incomplete auctions to the complete column even though there are days until auction end. Also strange null entries in all columns. Totally unreliable as is. For the last few versions my complete list, which is quite long, would only display correctly if I very slowly scrolled to the bottom and back up to the top.

Avatar Todd Hendrix 9 post(s)

Try rolling back your version of Java and then make sure that Java doesn’t update itself.