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Avatar Marc Boucher 4 post(s)


I just install this new version and all my complete bids a in double

Avatar Roger W 14 post(s)

Installed. Won one and lost one, so it’s working. Still no shipping being picked up on watched items but photos are back. Had a bit of trouble deleting old items. Cleared cache, cleared deleted item tracking and it seems to have settled down. On UK e-bay, windows 7.
Been using 2.5.3 which has always worked but needs managing, like no shipping, no pictures, odd wordings.
Keeping the faith Morgan, thanks.

Avatar Roger W 14 post(s)

Ok, an update after 5 days use.
On start up it seems to recover every deleted item multiple times. It grinds to a halt and won’t delete the recovered items unless you dump the cache and restart again. It then is Ok till next time. Haven’t missed a bid though, just needs managing a bit like the old pre-3 which I keep just in case. Probably e-bay being perverse!

Avatar robc 2 post(s)

All my current auctions are getting deleted.
I usually leave it running 24/7. Since upgrading all my entries in the current tab have disappeared. This has happened twice now.
Plus the search manager has not been working for a while (previous rev included) so I can’t reload easily from my ebay watched items and have to add them back in manually.
Is it safe to revert to the previous version?

Avatar Roger W 14 post(s)

2.5.3 is till working for me albeit with it’s quirks. Last night I found 2.5.5 running Java full blast on one core for reasons I can’t fathom. It keeps resurrecting old watched items and duplicating them like mad in the recovered file. Will now hang-fire till Morgan has a chance to have a look.
Despite all that I haven’t missed a snipe.

Avatar nikonbuff0 2 post(s)

I have just updated to 2.5.5 and it crashed on eBay Australia (January 26) when I made my first bid on this version! Can I revert to the previously used version which worked fine and was very reliable?

Avatar krs99 99 post(s)

Marc wrote:
I just install this new version and all my complete bids a in double

Happened to me as well.
I’m on SL and US ebay

Haven’t tried a snipe yet

Avatar NightSniper 1 post

I’m just glad he is able to still work on it. I read that he had to totally rewrite the parsing code.

Avatar Frank P. fro... 71 post(s)

some as Roger W watched concerning heavy CPU use, but it seems to be excited just for a small period of time, then it falls back to under 10%

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

OS X 10.9.1
JBW 2.5.5 (set the app to NO NAP)

login – no problem, fetched a token, etc.

selling items – all showed up, very nicely

all thumbs are all there (very happy).

no tabs for (My eBay) items – created a tab

executed pull down menu (Get My eBay Items) – nothing happened… :-(

tried manually pull in each items in (Watched) items, - worked (dragging a entire page, did not work, has to be each listing)

I have not tried a snipe yet as I have nothing to snipe at this time, maybe in 2 days…. But when laptop (MacBook Pro 17 core i7) went to sleep, I don’t see anything going on with the laptop, and when I wake it up, login indicator is RED, but quickly authenticate and became GREEN. Will it snipe in time? I don’t know, I will try find out later and report.

BTW – I don’t notice heavy CPU usage, all things seem normal when I fire up JBW. I do noticed (completed items) in multiples, I deleted them, but only the one move to completed items was deleted, others are ghosting in (current) tab.

Quit out JBW, re-launch, all items are cleared. Sometimes it’s perhaps internet connection and timing issue. Try quit JBW and launch again, it will clear up lots of little glitches.