My 'Watched' list now showing in current tab

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Avatar stevebower 13 post(s)

Not sure if I’ve set something erroneously, but some (not all) of my ‘Watched’ list is showing in the current auctions tab, whereas previously I was able to ‘Add’ only those items that I wished to snipe on.
Can anyone advise?

Avatar Ward 26 post(s)

I’m seeing the same thing with both 2.5.2 and 2.5.3pre3.

Long ago, all of my Watch List appeared in the Current tab. I seem to recall there was no My eBay tab. Then at one point, all watched items moved to the My eBay tab.

This morning when I checked JBidwatcher (which launches at Login and runs hidden), I found one watched item (expires in 2 days) in the Current tab and four other items (all with no expiration date) in the My eBay tab.

I accepted the invitation to upgrade to 2.5.3pre3. It launched with the same split of watched items.

Then I used Get My eBay Items to pick up the one new item I’d added to my eBay Watch List a few minutes ago. That new item (which expires in 5 days) appeared in the My eBay tab.

One additional glitch: Get My eBay also picked up an old item that expired on 30-Sep-12.