How can I place all the things i've sniped into one tab?

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Avatar buckwheats 5 post(s)

I want to be able to better keep track of the things i’ve sniped. As it is, the things i’m sniping are in ~20 different tabs which each have many auctions in them. I guess I could move them individually.

I guess i should move them when i snipe them. What do other people do?

Avatar Yeti88 24 post(s)

I move them manually to a “won auctions” folder, sometimes adding notes when necessary, i.e. BIN items that won’t show the check-mark of successful auctions and/or the correct number if I bought more than one item. Wish I could manually update the status and add the check-mark (->feature request ;-)).

Avatar buckwheats 5 post(s)

good idea about adding notes.

hmm it seems hard to keep track of your purchases with jbidwatcher.

The snipes i win, the snipes I lose, all of those auctions go straight to the completed tab. If I import from the URL of my ‘purchase history’ page to a “won auctions” tab, none of those new purchases will go to the tab, since they are already lost in the completed tab somwhere.

Avatar Philip 34 post(s)

I believe that Morgan’s view is that JBidWatcher is designed as a sniping program, but it is not designed to act as an archive of your eBay activity (even though you can sort of use it for that).

Avatar buckwheats 5 post(s)

I think you are right about that..

There is actually a way to specify where completed auctions from a tab should go – the default location is the complete tab, but if you look at the properties of the tab you can change that to whichever tab you like.