Get My eBay Items doesn't get all items

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Avatar slimey 4 post(s)

In the last few days, it seems that “Get My eBay Items” isn’t fetching all items. I’ve tried 2.2pre2, but that is no better. It may be related to this error which is output to stdout:

Sat Feb 18 14:26:30 GMT 2012: Loading page 1 of My eBay for user slimey3
Sat Feb 18 14:26:30 GMT 2012: URL:
Sat Feb 18 14:26:30 GMT 2012: Parsing URL
Sat Feb 18 14:26:31 GMT 2012: Got a bad end of compressed input stream.
Sat Feb 18 14:26:31 GMT 2012: Bad input tag (ignoring): button id=“EditButton_9526” style=“padding:0;width:auto;overflow:visible;” class=“sfbtn”

It’s not too bad at the moment, as I can still pull stuff in every day or so to ensure I’ve got the next 24-36 hours worth of stuff I’m watching.

Avatar videobruce 6 post(s)

Same problem here. I’ll have 70 items listed and the program only show a dozen or so (whatever fits on a page).

Avatar thowi 3 post(s)

Same problem.
Also even the first items are not fetched reliably.
I keep getting more when I try again.
Or if I restart JBidwatcher.

It’s a great tool!
But having to import, go to My Ebay, delete items, import again, etc. is pretty annoying.

Avatar ooofest 22 post(s)

JBidwatcher cannot obtain Mature Audience auctions at all, lately. Any attempt to Get My eBay Items immediately causes eBay to ask for a captcha code, which JBidwatcher provides no interface to handle in-program. I can log in and out of my account through the eBay website to remove the captcha mode relatively quickly, so am not sure what JBidwatcher is doing that sets off alarms on the eBay site.

Avatar Ward 26 post(s)

My eBay Watch List has 10 items. 1 item has an opening price + Buy It Now. The other 9 items are all Buy It Now.

Get My eBay reports no new items found. Yet my My eBay list has only 5 items. The 5 missing items have been on my Watch List for at least a week and were in my My eBay list the last time I checked (a couple of days ago).

I just entered a bid on the item with an opening price. Get My eBay doesn’t update that item to show a bid. Quit and relaunch doesn’t help.

Avatar Ward 26 post(s)

Rather than open a new topic, I’m using this one to report a small, new wrinkle in Get My eBay Items.

A few minutes ago, I added two new items to my eBay Watch List. When I asked jBidwatcher to get those new items, the yellow bar appeared with “Found 0 watched items.”

Disappointment changed to relief when I noticed my two new items (with green auction numbers) at the end of my list.