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Avatar Tom_O 1 post

Hi Morgan
I’ve got one copy of Jbidwatcher that won’t log in (Captcha warning)- all browsers login just fine from this machine and others on the same network, cookies OK etc…

Before I go off packet sniffing… is there any easy way to access the offending captcha page? Can Ebay see that it’s Jbidwatcher logging in and deliberately put a stick through the spokes?

I’ve had a look around the forums but not turned anything up.

As per FAQ #10 – Really don’t want to wait a few days until the error goes away :-)

Any suggestions welcome.

Avatar io 24 post(s)

I had this problem too. If you add to much items (I was adding more than 100 per day from one seller to make my selection later) then you got the captcha annoying stuff. Now I select items I’m interested in BEFORE adding them (around 50 per day from this same seller) and get no captcha anymore.

Avatar lsmod 11 post(s)

I also have the problem on now.
But i did not add or watch many articles.

I can login without captcha when i use Firefox manually.
But using JBidwatcher i get the captcha problem.

It would be also interesting to run JBidwatcher on my server using VNC.
But i have on my server the same problem. Generally i have the captcha problem there.

I think that ebay is tracking which client you normally use for ebay access.
If you try to logon with a different client the captchas are activated.
So sniping can be inhibited.

Is there a possibility to let JBidwatcher look like Firefox?