Did eBay change code for high bidder ?

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JBidwatcher 2.1.5


Something may have changed today may 20th on eBay between 7:00 am and 8:00 am (french time) because the column “High Bidder” doesn’t return anything anymore. I can’t even see my nickname now, but I still see my max bid.

Just tested something before hitting “Post topic”, there is a captcha now to acces bid history. I’m not sure if something can be done to work around this.



[Edit] Just saw that it happened on april 25th too : http://forum.jbidwatcher.com/forums/1/topics/2838
Then it’s back again today :(

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It’s back. Maybe another eBayers complained too to eBay.
Or maybe they’re doing this time to time for an obscure reason.

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Read that last time, but forgot to report it.

“Entering verification codes

Why we ask for verification codes

Your account security is important to us. As an additional security check, we might occasionally ask you to enter a verification code when signing in to your account or sending an email. While this is a little more work for you, it helps keep people from accessing your account with automated tools. You may also be asked to enter verification codes if your password is identified as weak."

I have hundreds of auctions, that can explain why my JBW is often blocked by verification codes.

Shame on me, that’s in the FAQ.

Now my solution, when I got captchas, is to open auctions in several tabs. Then, for each tab, I go to bid history and enter the captcha.
That is to show to eBay server that I don’t use an automated tool, usually 1 day later it comes back to normal.