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Avatar Raimond 2 post(s)

First post here..

I upgraded to windows 7 with a clean install last week. I installed JBid from a fresh download to ensure the current version. It installed just fine but after I launch it after a period of time the window disappears from the screen and from the taskbar. When I try to open it again I get a database error suggesting the program is already running. I opened task manager and it not listed as a program that is running. While it is running it works as advertised.
I uninstalled, rebooted then reinstalled again. It is still giving me the same problem and message.
The program worked great with XP.
Any suggestions?

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,202 post(s)

I’m afraid I never picked up a license for Windows 7. I don’t have any real way of testing JBidwatcher under it.

That said, there are a few possibilities… Under Windows, JBidwatcher includes a DLL which adds the system tray functionality. That DLL is 32 bit, so if you’re using the 64 bit version of Windows, there may be an incompatibility. Also I don’t know about the Java run time compatibility with 64 bit mode, whether that works well and consistently. If it’s crashing out, there should be something named something like hs_err_pid2020.log (where 2020 could be any number) which would identify what crashed in particular.

I wish I could pick it up and help you out, but right now dropping around $100 for Windows 7 is really low on my priority list.

Both my wife and I are running Windows XP on our Windows desktops still, because it works and we just don’t need to upgrade. We run XP on our desktops (mainly for game support) Mac OS X on our laptops (where we do most of our work) and run Linux as a home server.

Back before my first son was born, and before the economy went to heck, I picked up a cheap Dell to run Vista on so I could test JBidwatcher under Vista. Theoretically it was also to be our ‘family room’ computer, but I never really did anything other than simple tests with it, and it’s now gathering dust in a corner. I really didn’t like Vista, and my 2 year old son managed to get it infected while running in a privilege-reduced account by web browsing during a few moments while mommy and daddy weren’t looking. I paved it and re-installed Vista, but the experience pissed me off so much I never went back. For there to be so much anti-Windows malware that by just clicking around from toddler-oriented sites, he was able to get someplace that pwned Vista infuriated me.

I’ve heard a lot of people claim that Windows 7 is much better, and I’ll eventually try it out and see, but financially it’s going to be a while before I splurge on it.

I’d suggest you delete the .jbidwatcher directory in your Documents and Settings folder for your account. That’s usually under C:\Documents and Settings\Username\.jbidwatcher but that was XP. If you delete (or rename) the whole .jbidwatcher directory, JBidwatcher should start fresh and create a new database. Recognize that this means any data you had in it will be lost; theoretically there are ways to recover the existing database, but if the info in it isn’t critical, go ahead and use the nuclear option and delete it.

I hope that info helps; sorry for the brain-dump on my Windows history there, it’s probably not helpful.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

Avatar Ivanovich 36 post(s)

The problem might be related to what Java version you have installed.

JBidWatcher wants a 32-bit Java but when you go to the Java download site (at Oracle) it autosenses that you have 64-bit windows and gives you the 64-bit version of Java runtime.

What you should do is to manually download and install both the 32-bit runtime as well as the 64-bit runtime from Oracle.

This should ensure that Java works properly. Another cause for the problem might be that you have another program (or service) that “hijacks” your systray at the same time when JBid wants to start its systray part. One way of fixing this is to close the JBid completely and restart it. When using task manager you have to klick on “show tasks for all users” so see it.

Hope I’ve been of help!


PS. I forgot to add that I run JBid on several Win7 64-bit machines and there is no inherent incompatibility so you should get it to run just fine.

Avatar Raimond 2 post(s)

Thanks for the input,
I am running the 32 bit version of “7”. Tried to delete the .jbidwatcher directory after it stopped running but I get a “in use” message. Sounds like it is still active to a point but not running. After I re-booted, I deleted the directory then started JBid again. The preferences window appeared and after I entered my EBay info I started it again. Sometime in the next hour it stopped running again again.
I have a screen print in PDF format but I don’t see a option to attach a file.

I am a student studying Computer Science and the word is if you are running XP stay with it, if you have Vista then upgrade to “7” as Vista fell short of being considered an improvement over XP.

I have found one change in “7” very aggravating, when you have a window in the background that is larger than the window in the foreground, and your cursor moves off of the top window, the background window comes to the top very quickly even though you didn’t click on it.
Haven’t found a way to disable it or change the reaction time. If anyone knows anything about this please let me know.

Avatar Ivanovich 36 post(s)

What you need to change is the “MouseHoverTime”.

I can’t tell you exactly where to find that value (in the registry) but it is accessible from any number of utilities. I myself use “Windows 7 Manager” from Yamicsoft, you can get a 30-day trial from their web site and make the changes you need to Windows 7 behaviour.

I won’t get into an argument about XP vs. Vista/Win7 but from a security point of view winXP is a nightmare if you compare it with Win7.


Avatar pigsnarl 1 post

I’m finding precisely the same problem with Windows 7. It works perfectly (yes, it’s brilliant!) until I minimise its window; but then there’s no way of getting it back. Clicking in the tray or on the desktop gives you the database error and the suggestion that it is already running. My thing is 32-bit, so presumably it should be OK?

Avatar oeagleo 1 post

Just downloaded, and installed Jbidwatcher, and, after installing, noticed this post, as I’m also running Windows 7, 32 Bit. I think I may have this issue solved, as I too, upon reclicking on the icon on the desktop, received the same error. HOWEVER, if one goes to the bottom right group of Icons, (Mine has the time, date, battery, and there’s a small “Up Arrow”, or triangle. Clicking on this brings the USB Disconnect, Speaker, and other icons, depending on whether you’re on a desktop, or laptop. If you notice, there’s a little yellow looking icon. I clicked on it, and lo and behold, here comes Jbidwatcher, ready to snipe. Now, to see if it actually DOES snipe.. No need (for me at least) to fool around with the registry, or anything, just look in the right place.
Hope that helps!