'Unknown error' is wrong message for low bid?

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Avatar Brandigan 5 post(s)

Not sure if this is the place to post, so apologies if there is somewhere else more appropriate.

I’ve had a few “Snipe failed with unknown error” in the last few seconds of an auction – I watch them – and been cursing JBidwatcher (2.1.3) for missing things, as my bid was consistently higher than the winning bid.

Then… I figured it out.

My bid was lower than the required increment, so I was only £2.79 higher, when ebay wanted me to be £5+, or even £10+ (bidding on an iPhone, so biggish increments @ high prices)

I think text colour changes to warn you about projected bid failure, but that’s a bit of a subtle change to spot when the adrenaline is running in the last 30 seconds of an auction, and maybe the snipe input box popping up would be useful (as an option) – if it occurs long enough before the end to give you time to adjust your snipe.

Or just add a more appropriate error message. “Bid increment too low” etc.?

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

Argh; that suggests they’ve changed their messaging again, so I’m not recognizing the text on the page.

If you could upload your log files from when that happened to a ticket; please attach it, don’t copy and paste the log file inline. Error logs can be found using this hint. and that’ll help me determine what the new error message is.

Thanks muchly!

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

Avatar Brandigan 5 post(s)

Have done: ticket #1363

Avatar Philip 34 post(s)

“if it occurs long enough before the end to give you time to adjust your snipe.”

Doesn’t that go against the whole ethos of sniping, which is to bid once, bid late and bid your maximum? If you are willing to adjust your snipe because it’s less than one bid increment above the current auction price, then you have not placed your maximum amount as your bid!

Also – if you are watching auctions in the last 30 seconds, why bother using a sniping programme? You could just bid manually …