Did my bid go through??

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Avatar sue4712 1 post

Hi, having missed out on 5 items I was after by no more than .88, I downloaded jbidwatcher today and sniped item 230579530572 (australia). I didn’t win as the winner was $200 over my maximum, but I can’t see that my bid went through. Am I supposed to see this when I look at the bids + automatic bids?? Thanks in advance for any clues……

Avatar Philip 34 post(s)

Yes, your bid should show if it was placed by JBidWatcher and accepted by eBay.

In this case, the item went for $636, so I am assuming that your bid was for $436 or less. However, a bid for $501.99 was placed by user e**n about 1 hour and 40 minutes before the auction ended. There was then a bid for $506 by user i**7 placed 4 minutes and 5 seconds before the auction ended. At this point the high bid on the auction would have been showing as $506.

Assuming that your snipe was placed closer to the end of the auction than this (and most people snipe at somewhere around 10 seconds, not 4 minutes), then eBay would not have accepted your bid from JBidWatcher (as it was below the current price of the auction) and it would not therefore show on the bid list for this auction.

This is no different to the situation if you had tried to place a manual bid for $436 when the auction was already at $506.