Question about JBidwatcher doing bids?

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Avatar Toki Wartooth 4 post(s)

When JBidwatcher bids/snipes does it bid the exact amount you entered or the minimum amount to put you as the highest bidder? Say I’m looking at a $20 item and I put in a snipe of $25 30 seconds before auction end. Would JBidwatcher bid $21 first and then $23 if someone else outbid me at $22 or would it just bid $25 right from the get go?

Maybe eBay does this automatically but I thought it would bid exactly what you put in.

Can someone clear this up for me? Thanks!

Avatar Press1Now 6 post(s)

Yes – Would JBidwatcher bid $21 first and then $23 if someone else outbid me at $22

Avatar io 24 post(s)

When JBidwatcher bids, it does exactly the same as when you bid on an eBay auction. It bids again and again to keep you the highest bidder until it reaches your bid limit.

But when JBidwatcher snipes, it does it only one time. If your snipe limit is $25 and if the current bid is $23, then JBidwatcher will snipe $23.5 but if the other bidder has bade $24, then it lost for you.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

@io that information is completely inaccurate.

There’s a reason I have the FAQ linked at the top of every page on the forum; this is addressed in question 31 and here’s a summary:

JBidwatcher bids precisely the way eBay bids. It places your bid (either snipe or immediate bid) exactly as you’ve entered it with eBay. So if the item’s current price is $10, and you bid $100, it will enter $100 with eBay.

BUT…because eBay’s auctions are what’s known as ‘second price’ auctions, your actual ‘displayed’ bid (and what you’ll actually pay) will be only one minimum bid increment over the next highest bidder.

Person X bids $15 on an item with a minimum bid of $10. They are the first bidder; the listing shows them having the high bid at $10 (NOT $15). Person Y bids $13; they are informed they are NOT the high bidder, and the listing will now show person X having the high bid at $13.50, because $0.50 is the minimum bid increment between $5 and $24.99. Now person Z comes along, and bids $100. The listing will now show person Z with the high bid, at $15.50, and if nobody else bids, that’s exactly how much they’ll pay, EVEN THOUGH they’d put in a bid of $100.

JBidwatcher uses this aspect of eBay auctions to place your bid, exactly as you put it, either at the last few seconds (sniping) or immediately (with a direct bid).

JBidwatcher never, ever bids again and again automatically.

If your snipe limit is $25, and the current hidden bid is $24, JBidwatcher will snipe $25, and you will have the visible high bid at $24.50.

That’s just how eBay works.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

p.s. This may be an example of the maxim that, “The best way to get the Internet to give you the right answer is to post the wrong one.”

Avatar io 24 post(s)

Yes, I did it on purpose because they both did not read the FAQ.

In fact, I’m really sorry, because when I bid/snipe I picture JBidwatcher working as you explained it. I don’t know what happened, I must got muddled by something, I should not post in the morning.

And your maxim is great :)