Can I restore my completed list?

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Avatar Ward 26 post(s)

I’ve been having what appeared to be a failure of “Get My eBay Items” because my current list became empty as watched auctions ended and moved to the completed list.

However, today I noticed while JBidWatcher 2.0.1-825 was launching, the items in my watch list flashed in the status bar at the bottom of the window. At the end, the current window was again empty.

When I attempted to manually add an auction in my eBay Watch list, JBidWatcher reported it was already in my list. Ah, so I do have a current list; it’s just not being displayed for some reason.

Assuming that JBidWatcher’s database was corrupted, I decided to start over from scratch. I found the JBidWatcher folder in my Mac OS X Preferences folder. After saving a compressed copy of this folder, I deleted the folder.

When I launched JBidWatcher, it still knew my identity, reported a problem with the completed “column” data, reported it was recreating something, and filled in my current list with my watched items!!!

I now have JBidWatcher running fine.

Is it possible to restore my completed list by retrieving selected files from my copy of the corrupted JBidWatcher folder?

— Ward

Avatar Ward 26 post(s)

Recreating my JBIdWatcher database was short-lived. When I opened this topic several days ago, I had 7 items in my current list. Since then, four items past their shelf life and moved to my complete list.

I added a number of new items to my Watch list without checking to see how JBidWatcher responded.

I just noticed JBidWatcher is showing only 3 items (about to expire). The 10 items I added are not there.

As before, these missing Watch item names flash as updating/updated in the status line at launch time, but they’re not displayed.

At this point, both 2.0.1 and 2.1pre2-963 are dead in the water and I’m back to manual sniping via my browser.

— Ward

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

Has 2.1pre3-998 helped at all?

If you turn on the internal web interface, and browse to http://localhost:9099/JBidwatcher (it uses your own eBay username/password as the access key), do the items show up there?

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

Avatar Ward 26 post(s)

Morgan, it took me a couple of days to discover your reply because I received no notification from topic monitoring — a issue for another day.

2.1pre3-998 is behaving the same as 2.1pre2, i.e., flashing the names of my Watch list in the footer status bar at launch time, but the current display stays empty.

Once I figured out that my eBay username had to be in lowercase, I was able to see my current Watch list in JBidWatcher’s local Web interface. The list appears to reflect the reality of the moment — correct amounts, and correct Time Left, etc.

— Ward (on Mac OS X 10.5.7)

Avatar Ward 26 post(s)

Now that I’m running 2.1pre3-998, I decided to re-delete the JBidWatcher folder in my user Preferences folder (see my opening note). How NICE it was to launch JBidWatcher, do a Get My eBay Items, and see my Watch list return (with half of it correctly winding up in the completed list).

I entered a snipe on an auction that’s ending in a little more than an hour. (It was that auction that prompted my returning to this forum.)

I quit JBidWatcher and relaunched, and the current list is still there!

I’m holding off on further experimenting until that auction ends.

— Ward