Canceling Snipe/Max Bid Sets to $1.00

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Avatar Russell Berman 3 post(s)

Since I am having the issue with my max bids having changed for some reason to $1.00 I decided to cancel all those snips. When I cancel each snipe instead of getting the — I used to get in the max bid column I am now getting $1.00.

It is only happening with the old snipes I am trying to cancel. I tested it out with a couple new snipes and I don’t get the max bid $1.00 issue nor do I get the $1.00 in the max bid column when I cancel the snipe.

So I am going to delete all of my current snipes and start anew. Hopefully you find out what the issue was.

Avatar Charlie 16 post(s)

I have auctions that I’m just watching showing up as having $1 Max bids, but if I check the auctions on eBay there are no bids actually placed for them under my eBay name. I even see watched auctions in JBW that say there are 0 bids on them, but it’s showing a $1 Max bid. So, something’s a little funny on the JBW side. And if you right-click on the auctions showing a $1 Max bid, the Cancel Snipe is greyed out so there doesn’t seem to be either a bid or a snipe set for them.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

Take a look at Ticket #733 as it’s probably the same issue. It’s eBay’s new View Item pages causing a JBidwatcher feature to fail. (The feature is to try and pick up/recognize bids you’ve made outside of JBidwatcher, so you can track them in JBidwatcher.)

It just thinks that the $1 is a bid you made outside of JBidwatcher. I’m looking at the new page to try and understand why it’s doing this, but read the ticket to see a way you can confirm for yourself that this is the problem.

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

Avatar Russell Berman 3 post(s)

Here is the debugging log since it happened again this morning. I did not do anything since I entered the snipes last night.

{cyberfox edit: Long log redacted; it’s best to upload logs as attachments to tickets on the ticket tracker instead of posting them.}

Avatar Exolon 11 post(s)

FYI, I’m seeing max bids apparently set to £1, but the snipes seem to be working.

Avatar dtech 6 post(s)

Same Problem here but 1$ does not fire, i tried on an item liste below 1$ and item did not sell nor did jbid fire the snipe

Avatar Ken 13 post(s)

Here are two examples of the Minimum Bid being set to $1 when I didn’t bid nor snipe, just entered the auctions into Jbidwatcher: 250400569856, 250403084637.

Avatar kiwifiz 1 post

Same behaviour here in UK with £1.00 bids, but worryingly it is affecting my snipes. I’ve had two snipes reset to £1.00 at snipe time and have missed 2 auctions as a result where i had a higher snipe amount than the winning bid. After several years of top service, this pretty much makes JBW useless for important auctions now… I can’t trust it! :-(

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

@kiwifiz – That’s not what it’s doing. Read the ticket I reference above for more information.

— Morgan