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When I noticed my Watching list had 14 active items, with only 5 showing in JBidWatcher’s current tab, I searched these forums and found others have had success by opting out of the new eBay beta interface. So I opted out and did a manual Get My eBay Items — still only five.

Then I added three more items to my Watching list. Get My eBay Items did pick up those three new items, but there were still 9 missing.

As an experiment, I deleted one of the missing items from my eBay Watching list and added it back, thinking the “refreshed” entry would be picked up. Get My eBay Items didn’t add the “refreshed” item.

Finally, I copied the “refreshed” item number and attempted to Add an Auction, which failed with this error:

“Cannot add auction 280210809486, it is already in your auction list.”

It turns out I do have this item in my Complete list, with an End Date of 15-Nov-08. However, …

1. My eBay Watching list says it’s still active for another 1d 16h 53m.
2. The item description for this BiuItNow item shows no end date.

I checked another of my missing Watching items: 370132855033. This one is active for 4 more days, and it’s in my Complete list with an end date of 17-Jan-09.

I need to take a break from this investigation before my brain explodes!

— Ward