1.0.2. down?

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Avatar ooofest 22 post(s)

Hi Morgan,
I checked the above “title…” values against those in my current JBidwatcher and they appear correct.

However, I cannot get My Ebay items to populate. JBidwatcher notes that I am logged in.

I have also noted that the check mark for “Registered adult” randomly disappears from the configuration dialog, even without restarting JBidwatcher, about 75% of the time. Saving the flag can be hit or miss.

Any suggestions to help debug and/or determine a fix welcome.

- ooofest

Avatar troytempest 4 post(s)

I’ve got the same problem as ooofest above – on .co.uk

Avatar ooofest 22 post(s)

. . . and, after some restarts of the program plus a few more manual software updates checks, it pulled down My Ebay items properly.

Odd, but I’ll take it as transient eBay weirdness.

- ooofest

Avatar ZonK 3 post(s)

The fix “override.ebayServer.titleEbay2” & “override.ebayServer.titleMatch” saved my day about the problem exposed here
Actually, my firewall only allows access to eBay domain (and not jbidwatcher.com).
What it point out is that you need to upgrade both jbidwatcher.xml and JBidWatcher-1.0.×.exe to have things working…
This point out a question : How and when is the jbidwatcher.xml updated by the client ?
Can we consider a manual upgrade of the xml file ?
Thanks for the good stuff though !

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