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Announcing the newest releases.

9 months
by Morgan Schweers (view)

JBidwatcher Help

1,349 topic(s), 5,096 post(s)

Questions about the user interface, behavior, and usage of JBidwatcher.

about 3 hours
by Morgan Schweers (view)

JBidwatcher Tips and Tricks

166 topic(s), 561 post(s)

Talk about advanced features, tips, hints, undocumented features, and configuration settings.

about 1 month
by MickoZ (view)

General Sniping Discussion

63 topic(s), 255 post(s)

Questions and ideas on sniping, techniques, pricing strategies, and advanced approaches including multisniping and variations. This is not JBidwatcher-specific.

3 months
by Morgan Schweers (view)

eBay Chat

18 topic(s), 58 post(s)

Questions or discussion about eBay itself, how it works, how to find things, what works and doesn’t. Wide open to almost any eBay-related topics.

almost 2 years
by Larius (view)


6 topic(s), 15 post(s)

Pleasantly off-topic, and liking it that way. :) Open threads.

over 3 years
by Sumflow (view)

That's so meta...

17 topic(s), 37 post(s)

Talk about the forums themselves, make suggestions, report problems or ask questions.

about 1 year
by vcrking (view)

JBidwatcher Development

162 topic(s), 392 post(s)

Ask questions and talk about JBidwatcher from a programming perspective, how it all fits together, how it works, propose patches, get and give help understanding the code.

about 3 hours
by Morgan Schweers (view)

That's SO beta!

76 topic(s), 217 post(s)

Discussion and announcements of beta releases. This will be the primary home of the ‘JBidwatcher Evolved!’ projects for a while. The bleeding edge lives here.

over 2 years
by Rizla (view)

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